MobiSystems Diets

MobiSystems Diets 5.00.30

Manage your dieting and life-style needs on the go


  • Nicely arranged user interface
  • Large databases of food and exercise types
  • Lots of stats and analysis


  • Food category structure is a little strange

Very good

I've never really been one for dieting or controlling my weight with exercise, but if I was then I'd want a way of doing so without expending much effort. Actually, maybe that's my problem.

Anyway, MobiSystems Diets is designed to help you take control of both your diet and your exercise routine from your Palm device. You start by entering some personal details about yourself, such as your height, weight, age, etc., before inputting the amount of weight you'd like to lose, gain or maintain as it is.

Once all this is established, which doesn't take long, you need to enter the timescale over which you'd like this weight change to occur, choosing the start and end points from the calendar. Then comes the fun part - every day, you can record all of the food and drink that you eat by clicking on the sandwich icon. Click the add icon to look up an item of food from the database, or use the built-in search to find it. The program displays all the calorie content information about that food. You then enter the amount of that food that you've had today and it's added to the list.

The exercise section of Diets allows you to record your daily activities in much the same way as recording what you've eaten. Then comes the clever bit - the app analyses in real-time the total calories consumed and expended and tells you whether you need to eat more or exercise more in order to meet your targets.

If you're serious about taking control of your weight, MobiSystems Diet provides a neatly-packaged method of meeting your dieting targets.

MobiSystems Diets is specially designed to facilitate your dieting and life-style needs on the go. Do you need to lose weight, get in shape, or simply watch what you eat? MobiSystems Diets enables you to set up a weight loss program and begin the journey towards the body you want.

Body shaping requires diet and exercise. With MobiSystems Diets you can easily get and stay on track: Personalized weight loss program setting Daily meals recording Fitness program and daily activity tracking Calorie and fats input monitoring Carbohydrates and proteins tracking Ability to use different food databases

MobiSystems Diets


MobiSystems Diets 5.00.30

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